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Welcome To Cork EndoDontic | Root canal clinic


Welcome to the Cork Endodontic Clinic website. You can have a virtual tour of our practice here. This is a specialist dental practice that is limited to endodontics (also known as root canal treatment) in. If a tooth is badly inflammed (upset inside) or gets an abscess, usually caused by bactieria within the tooth, then root canal treatment may be needed in order to try saving the tooth and therefore to try to avoid extraction. 

The practice was established over twenty years ago. Initially, there was a branch practice in Limerick and one in Cork. This was reduced down to just one specialist dental center of excellence in Cork in 2008. 



Patient Testimonials:

“I inadvertently stumbled upon the world of endodontics and Patrick O'Driscoll recently; my dentist was abroad and I needed emergency root canal treatment. I found the endodontic treatment provided by Patrick O'Driscoll to be superb and the whole process was swift, smooth and transparent and I learned a great deal about endodontics. My view is that Endodontists provide an excellent service that compliments the excellent service already provided by dentists “                                         B.H. JULY 2013



"Thank you very much for all of your care and expertise yesterday not forgetting the kindness of you all. Absolutely fantastic treatment, not an inch of pain during or after so far and no reason to think that I will have any." N. J. Sept. 2013  


"I wish to extend my wholehearted thanks for doing such a great job in saving my tooth. You skill and talent is to be applauded!" D.N. Jan 2015


"I needed a lot of treatment so during 1 year Patrick and April took care of me and my teeth, they were absolutely brilliant very professional, helpfull and reassuring. I always been afraid to go to the dentist and they both made me feel very confortable, I think it's the first time in my life that I was going to my appointment without fear. Maria who is taking care of booking appointments, taking payments and also sending very nice reminders by text was also very helpful and very flexible. A big thank you to Patrick, April and Maria, a brilliant team that I highly recommend." J Booth September 2017 (see our facebook page!)


The practice is located at 81, Bishopstown Road Bishopstown. Bishopstown is a western suburb of Cork City. It is about two minutes drive from the Cork University Hospital and the Cork's south ring road. There is plentiful free parking in front of the practice. The practice is wheelchair accessible. The practice is equipped with the latest in modern technology for performing endodontics. This includes digital radiography for taking radiographs (Xrays) and an operating microscope ("all the better to see you with"). We endeavour to make your root canal treatment as painless as possible.