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FRequently asked QuestioNs

What is an Endodontist?
An endodontist is a dentist who has special training in performing endodontic procedures. They provide endodontic/root canal treatment to try to save a tooth. They complete courses in advanced training in endodontics and perform both straight forward and difficult and complex root canal treatments, including endodontic surgery. They are also specially trained to find the causes of oral and facial pain that may be difficult to diagnose.
Who performs root canal (endodontic) treatment?   



All dentists are trained to undertake root canal treatment. General dentists can undertake root canal treatment, but often they refer patients to endodontists, particularly in difficult or complex cases, such as upper molars, which usually have four canals.

What is the Cost of root canal treatment?
Before it can be decided if endodontic treatment is needed, a consultation is required. The fee for consultation is €180. The cost of the endodontic treatment itself varies from €500 for a front tooth to €780.00 for a back (molar). This cost does not include the consultation fee, or an orthodontic band (€100) which is usually required on posterior teeth, to reinforce and protect the teeth(particularly if there are fractures present) and prevent further tooth tissue loss. The real cost of the root canal treatment to the patient, after they have received a tax refund of 20% through the MED 2 scheme.
Is Endodontics Successful?

A study has been done in the United States of America which demonstrates that endodontic treatment has been shown highly effective in retaining teeth after treatment. The study involved 1.4 million teeth and there was a 97% retention rate after eight years. Interestingly 85% of the teeth that were lost did not have a full coronal coverage. The conclusion drawn was that "initial nonsurgical endodontic treatment is a predictable procedure with high incidence of tooth retention after 8 yr". Endodontic treatment outcomes in a large patient population in the U.S.A.: An epidemilogical study

(Salebri R. and Rotstein I. J. Endod. 2004:30:12 846-850)
"The quality of the treatment you receive is reflected in the cost of the treatment”. When doing root canal procedures it can be difficult to achieve high standards in teeth that may have complex anatomy. It has been shown that the best chance of having a sucessfull root canal is to get it right the first time! Root canal retreatment has been shown to be less successful than first time root canal treatment. Sometimes root canal surgery may be required. It is best to avoid root canal infection and root canal pain by having the root canal treatment done to the highest possible standards as defined by the European Society of Endodontology ( At the Cork Endodontic Clinic we follow these guidelines. We are proud of our results and are happy to provide you with images of the results in email or printed form, so you can show your family and friends!