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OUR PRACTICE/Cost of treatment

The Cork Endodontic Clinic is the only dental clinic in Cork completely dedicated to endodontics. It is a modern practice with a large car park in front of the building. The practice hours are:
Monday - Thursday 7.50am to 5.20pm 
Friday                     9.00am to 4.00pm
 Major Credit cards accepted   
When patients are referred to our practice, we always undertake a consultation appointment. The patient is requested to fill out a form detailing any relevant medical history and then the patient is examined. Radiographs (x-rays) are taken and a complete examination of the problem area is undertaken. A diagnosis is then arrived at and the treatment options are discussed with the patient. 

We are happy at any stage to discuss any concerns you may have such as apprehension or anxiety about your treatment. We take great pride in our caring and approachable manner. We endeavour to make every visit to the practice as painless as possible. We offer medication that will alleviate the anxiety in very nervous patients. We are often asked about the cost of endodontic treatment. We do not offer cheap dentistry. We do offer dentistry done to the highest possible standards for a fair price.  Before it can be decided if endodontic treatment is needed, a consultation is required. The fee for consultation is €200 (including radiographs/xrays). Treatment needs are then discussed with the patient. No treatment is undertaken until a full explanation of the procedure and cost implications are explained. The cost of the endodontic treatment itself varies from €520 for a front tooth to €800.00 for a back tooth (molar). The real cost of the root canal treatment to the patient is reduced by the MED 2 scheme. As the treatment is regarded as advanced dental treatment a tax refund (currently 20%)  is available through the MED 2 scheme.


 Sometimes we will reinforce the tooth circumferentially with an orthodontic band (cost 120 Euros). A core build, up as a foundation for a crown, can also be provided, if appropriate. Additional fees may be applicable if there are complicating features, such as the tooth having been root treated before, removal of temporary crowns or if there is a hole in side of the tooth into the bone (perforation). This may demand extra time and possibly extra appointments and, thus  additional fees may be applicable. 

If you wish to discuss any aspects of the treatment we provide then we are happy to do so either by email  in the contact us section of the website or by phone 021-4347400.